gluten free chocolate chip cookies

gluten free toasted pecan chocolate chip cookies
photo by double image studio

 We highly recommend The Good Eats Company.  My husband and I are busy professionals so our personal time is precious to us.  As a vegan, I am especially pleased that my husband (who is not vegan) and I can eat basically the same dish with appropriately substituted ingredients.  The delicious, nutritious, from-scratch meals take the guesswork out of meal planning and we always know we are getting the highest quality food available for the season at an incredibly economical price”.

Susan and Frank D., not-for-profit administrators 

“Michele has been providing “Good Eats” for our family for 11 years. Her ingredients are always of high quality and fresh, and the portions are generous.  We appreciate the wonderful menu options as well as the opportunity to create our own menu ideas.  We also love the extra sides and desserts that can be added to the meals or used for family holidays or dinner parties. There’s nothing better than getting home from a busy day at work and knowing you can sit down to a tasty and nutritious meal in less than 30 minutes!”

Allison W. and Ivan J., professionals and parents of three

“We enjoy having Michele come over and fill our fridge with home cooked meals, wonderfully and lovingly prepared. I always want to call after I have finished one of her meals to let her know how really good it was. My husband laughs when I make the food groaning sound. We plan to keep eating our dinners (and sometimes lunch with leftovers) from The Good Eats Company as long as we can.  It is like eating at a fancy restaurant in the comfort of our home, usually in PJs. I recommend Michele’s meal planning to anyone who loves really great food and is too busy to cook or just does not enjoy cooking.”

Babette and John P., business owners

It’s a pleasure to discover a company that not only provides a service to make your life easier, it offers a new insight into the world of fine foods. Ms. Humlan’s menu selections are new and inventive with many opportunities to try meals not the standard norm. Fresh in-season produce with a fine selection of meats. From start to finish, Michele will create meals you will enjoy serving your family and guests. A true chef with an understanding of matching client with creation.”

Bert B., single professional

“Michele has been cooking for us for 7 years and now for the family of our daughter who is juggling the  demands of a baby, work and school. We have loved her food and the convenience of having dinners we can take to the office during tax season. It’s been a pleasure to know Michele – she feels like part of  our family – and she goes out of her way to work around my many allergies – to gluten and artificial flavors and colors. She’s happy to share her cooking knowledge and it’s fun to watch her work and learn  techniques. I’ve been comfortable with her being in our home; she’s so bright, cheerful, professional and exacting.”

Ellen and Ed H., business owner

Michele and The Good Eats Company have been part of the family for over 10 years. We appreciate coming home to a refrigerator full of food and the ease of putting together a wonderful meal in a short time with minimal clean up. We also receive clear instructions on the proper heating of the food she has prepared as well as food safety advice. Michele knows our food preferences and often instead of choosing the menu, we have asked her to surprise us. We have tried foods we may not have ordered and they are now on our favorites list. Michele is also wonderful about preparing recipes that are not on her monthly menus. She makes such generous portions that we sometimes split an entree. If we have questions about food prep or a new recipe we want to try ourselves, Michele is willing to answer our questions and offer tips and suggestions. The Good Eats Company’s heart and soul, Michele, is a warm and caring person and we have had the privilege of enjoying her culinary talents.”

Melinda and Buddy S., busy professionals

“Since 2006, Michele Humlan has been cooking ” happy meals” for us.  However, unlike the better-known “happy meals”, Michele’s dishes are wholesome, nutritious and truly  delicious.  Ingredients are always fresh and for the most part of local origin.  The outcome is dinners prepared using Real Food – not foodlike substances or substitutes.  Michele comes once a month to cook for us. At that time she takes over the kitchen for a full day.  Her presence in our home is a joy!  She is cheerful, informative and helpful.  In addition, Michele is well organized.  She leaves clear instructions concerning each dish.  When she has completed her work for the day, the kitchen is spotless – more sparkling that she found it.  We count Michele among our great blessings.  We believe others for whom this opportunity is available will share our view.”

Dana and Bob K., retirees


“Oh my gosh. Michele agreed to  come out when I had foot surgery, and we have absolutely loved the variety and taste of each meal. I have waited to reply in order to taste all of her dishes. Every one is delicious. I would recommend The Good Eats Company to anyone looking to eat healthy foods at a reasonable price”.

Cathy and Lee K., business owners