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breakfast quinoa with toasted almonds, cranberries and chia seeds

breakfast quinoa with toasted almonds, cranberries and chia seeds


This statement has been drummed into your head since childhood :” Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.  And, unlike other pronouncements, such as “If you cross your eyes, they will stay that way”, this one certainly rings true.

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pasta with kale apricot pesto

march 22, 2013


fresh Bombolini gluten free shells with kale apricot pesto


What I love about greens : kissed by the first frost of autumn, they are tender and flavorful; picked in springtime, they are equally tender and just as flavorful.  Something else to love about greens ? Their versatility in the art of cooking.

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herbed mushroom spread

march 15, 2013


herbed mushroom spread with Bonnyclabber Cheese‘s “Cendre” grapevine ash coated fresh goat cheese, caper berry and pink peppercorn

When I have a taste for snacks, I think spreads, dips and what Sheila Lukins, the late, great cookbook author of The Silver Palate series, refers to as “slathers”, as in something savory you can generously slather onto flatbread, croutons or thin slices of English cucumber.

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Glazed Rutabaga with Pistachios

march 8, 2013



Pity the poor rutabaga.  Mislabeled, misunderstood, underused and unappreciated.  Somewhat hesitant to list rutabaga as a solo agent on the menus of The Good Eats Company, I include it in, for examples, a creamy colorful root vegetable soup, and white balsamic glazed root vegetables.  Folks ask me what rutabaga tastes like, and I answer, for lack of better comparison, that it tastes like a cross between carrot and turnip.  But dear rutabaga is so much more than this simplistic description!  Carrot haters and turnip despisers may remember childhood battles at the dinner table, bargains struck with parents offering vegetables in earnest, and rejection in the form of a  tiny mouth set in a grim line and the Word : “NO”.  And so my answer seems less than adequate.

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grilled goat cheese sandwiches with spicy apple chutney

march 1, 2013



Childhood memory : grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup.  Very likely this comfort meal was prepared with processed yellow cheese on white bread and canned condensed tomato soup.  Now that you are a grownup, officially, you may crave a more adult version of this perfect meal for a chilly winter’s day.

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