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Summer Berry Yogurt Trifle

…and a visit to Old Church Creamery

june 27, 2014

summer berry yogurt trifle


Old Church Creamery, a thriving dairy farm one half hour north of Richmond in Manquin, Virginia, sprouted, then roared to life, in 2008.  Through trial and error, and hard work from owners Catherine and Keith Long, the operation is a premier supplier of naturally produced cow’s milk and dairy products for the Richmond area and beyond.

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Vietnamese Grilled Shrimp with Spring Vegetables

june 13, 2014

vietnamese grilled shrimp with spring vegetables

Long before I received any formal culinary training, I purchased some fish sauce at a market near my apartment in “Little Hanoi”, in what is now cosmopolitan Clarendon, Northern Virginia.  I am embarrassed to admit that after taking one whiff, it was returned to the shop where a kindly proprietor urged me to reconsider, telling me “fish sauce smells bad, but tastes good”.

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