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Blueberry Lemon Pudding Cake

july 20, 2021

bowl of blueberry lemon pudding cake

Julia Child introduced us to clafoutis, the fruit dessert that is both cakelike and soft as pudding. The easy method to this dessert lends itself to employing all manner of seasonal fruits.Like stone fruits in Nectarine Almond Cake. Blueberries are plump and sweet this summer, so let’s get to baking. Continue reading

bacon tomato potato salad

Bacon Tomato Potato Salad

july 6, 2021

bacon tomato potato salad

Normal kids ate sandwiches for lunch during summer vacation. This kid scrounged around for ingredients in the family kitchen. Then I moseyed out to the back garden for ripe tomato and  cooked up this Bacon Tomato Potato Salad. Continue reading