Pricing & Gift Certificates

garlic chives in my garden

garlic chives in my garden
photo by double image studio

For the minimum of five/four (five entrees with sides, four servings each, twenty meals total) the charge is $475; this includes planning and shopping, groceries, prepping, cooking, packaging and cleanup

  • Each extra serving is $15
  • Each extra entree with included side is $90; I am able to prepare up to and including nine entrees per cookdate if space/kitchen appliances allow
  • Each monthly menu includes extra sides, breads and desserts which may be ordered for an additional charge
  • There is a referral discount of 10%
  • Payment is by personal check only and is due at the initial consultation and thereafter on the scheduled cookdate

Gift certificates 

Gift certificates for personal chef services are also available. People seem to have enough things, but everyone loves to be fed. Occasions for which a certificate for personal chef service is welcome are birthdays, anniversaries, births, home recuperation, holidays and as special thanks for valued business clients.