Sesame Sake Apple Cocktail

January 9, 2024

sesame sake apple cocktail


The merits of winter come together in this Sesame Sake Apple Cocktail. Sesame, dark and rich, savory in contrast to the spare sweetness of this drink. Sake, often served warm with tasty dishes. Apple brandy, from the fruit that begins its journey in autumn and delights with crunch and versatility all winter long. A nip of tart fresh lemon juice makes this cool beverage a symphony of all the flavors.

I can count on one hand the number of times sake has graced my palate. Was I enamored? Warm alcohol does not suit my taste and it’s very likely the house brand was of less than stellar quality. Sake flew off my list, until recently when a pretty blue bottle caught my eye. Reviewers say Hakutsuru Junmai Ginjo sake is smooth and drinkable. Reasonably priced, my purchase was the base of our cocktail today.

ingredients for sesame sake apple cocktail

A previous post extolled the virtues of Virginia’s best Laird’s apple brandy. Pair this with sake and start layering flavors.  We need light as a feather sweetness ; agave syrup provides the sweet touch. After combining these, what’s missing? Just a bit of citrus to elevate and then we are finished. It is now my habit to juice lemons and freeze the juice for later, using the zest for cooking while the fruit is firm. Defrost your saved citrus juice and feel confident quality will be good once refrozen.

Sesame oil is oily, naturally, so shaking everything vigorously with ice helps to emulsify and lend smoothness to this bright winter cocktail.

Sesame Sake Apple Cocktail

recipe by Michele Humlan, The Good Eats Company

makes one cocktail and may be made in larger volume 


2 ounces apple brandy or applejack
2 ounces sake
1 tablespoon agave syrup
½ tablespoon fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon sesame oil
optional garnishes : apple slices fanned and pinned, sesame seeds


Combine all ingredients except garnish in jar or cocktail shaker with ice.
Shake vigorously to distribute sesame oil, strain into glass and serve immediately.
If you like, moisten the rim of the glass with lemon rind and dip into small saucer of black and white sesame seeds.
Garnish if desired with thin apple slices fanned and pinned with cocktail pick.

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4 thoughts on “Sesame Sake Apple Cocktail

  1. Lizzie

    This looks really interesting, thanks. I’ll use less sesame oil, however, as the kind I use is “atomic” and would make the drink too strong. Love the concept!


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