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closeup lemon apple butter chicken

Lemon Apple Butter Chicken

December 13, 2023

closeup lemon apple butter chicken

The slow cooker is your time-saving friend all year long. Especially during the end of year holiday rush. You eat and feel better when meals are homemade. Attend holiday events and join shoppers knowing that this Lemon Apple Butter Chicken awaits you at home. Continue reading

Turkey Apple Meatloaf

april 6, 2021

Add some veggies like Garlicky Kale and Carrots for balance to your meatloaf and mashed potatoes meal.

Ask me about my favorite meal. You’ll guess something exotic or fancy, but your guess would be wrong. I adore meatloaf and mashed potatoes, my ultimate comfort meal. Today’s Turkey Apple Meatloaf, with its glaze of apple butter and dijon mustard, is easy yet a tiny bit fancy. Continue reading

slice of apple butter streusel cake

Apple Butter Streusel Cake

october 9, 2019

slice of apple butter streusel cake

Go ahead, open that little jar and take a good long sniff. The aroma of nutmeg means fall is here. Apples and cinnamon go hand in hand, but when paired with nutmeg, apple becomes more apple. You can be  generous with cinnamon, adding to suit your taste. Not so fast with nutmeg, since it can easily overpower a savory dish like potato gratin or sweet baked goods like cakes and cookies. A little bit goes a long way with this cozy coffeecake. Continue reading