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Beyond Meat Stuffed Shells

june 15, 2021

closeup of beyond meat stuffed shells

Last week I pulled some chili from the freezer for a desperation dinner (nothing fresh and no desire for carryout). The chili had several types of beans and vegetables and Beyond Meat burger crumbles. It occurred to me that not one soul could have noted the difference between the plant based meat and the real thing. It’s that good. Continue reading

plate of beyond meat lasagna

Beyond Meat Lasagna

april 16, 2020

plate of beyond meat lasagna



Hearty comfort food is the norm these days. Lasagna is the one dish meal I think of for an explosion of flavor and texture that appeals to my sense of comfort. In my quest to reduce red meat consumption, there is one champion and that is Beyond Meat. Earlier incarnations of vegan meat substitutes were riddled with soy and wheat, both allergens for me and many others, but these delicious burgers, crumbles and link sausages are made with pea protein. They are damn good.

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