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closeup of smoky tomato corn soup

Smoky Tomato Corn Soup

september 14, 2021

closeup of smoky tomato corn soup


September is the last hurrah for locally grown corn. The sweetness, the crunch, the flavor are all best in the summer months. However, corn products can be enjoyed all year long, like polenta and grits. I feel ready to bid adieu to fresh local corn and welcome autumn fruits and vegetables. This Smoky Tomato Corn Soup lingers in your memory as a late summer best. Continue reading

Coconut Corn Avocado Soup

august 15, 2014

coconut corn avocado soupSadly, we are nearing the end of fresh corn season here in Richmond.  People have favorites : white vs. yellow, the elusive Silver Queen vs. Supersweet, but even mediocre ears of corn are satisfying with a slather of good butter and a sprinkle of sea salt.

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