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garlicky kale and carrots

Garlicky Kale and Carrots

march 8, 2021

garlicky kale and carrots


Are you in a vegetable rut? This recipe for Garlicky Kale and Carrots  will give you a boost. By rut, I mean the sameness of our vegetable side game: open bag of frozen veggies and heat. Roast simple vegetable in oven. Buy precut veggies and make a stirfry. There is nothing wrong, however, with these vegetable sides unless you are bored with the repetition. Continue reading

platter of red cabbage and delicata squash

Red Cabbage and Delicata Squash

october 28, 2020

platter of red cabbage and delicata squash

When it’s time to plant fall pansies, my eye is drawn to the color combination of orange and purple. Although if taken individually, they are not part of my favored home color scheme of natural browns and greens. But there is homage to the memory of my wardrobe preferences in early adolescence of orange and purple everything. And I do mean everything. Shirts, shorts, dresses, culottes, coats, scarves and all manner of accessories simply had to be either orange, or purple, and preferably both. Continue reading

Cauliflower Corn Tomato Salad

july 17, 2019

overhead of cauliflower corn tomato salad

When in the thick of summer, take advantage of local summer produce, and generate as little heat as possible. That’s a good couple of loose rules to follow when you want something bright, crunchy and easy for serving at home or taking to a dinner gathering. Continue reading

sweet potato pilaf

Sweet Potato Pilaf

january 10, 2019

sweet potato pilaf


This sweet potato pilaf is for everyone who loves the idea of adding sweet potatoes to their diet, but will enjoy them more without all the sweet hoopla of brown sugar and marshmallows. There is a bit of sweet tartness with the addition of pomegranate seeds, but not a smidge of sugar in sight.

Continue reading