What are the advantages of hiring a personal chef?

red rice and quinoa salad with pistachio and lemon photo by double image studio

red rice and quinoa salad with pistachio and lemon
photo by double image studio

Cooking can be fun when you have leisure time but a chore when you are time-challenged. The tasks of planning, shopping, prepping and cooking can become daunting and then drudgery. You may get into  a rut, cooking the same things over and over, or purchase unhealthy carryout or fast foods. How often have you purchased ingredients for a well intentioned marathon weekend cooking session making meals to enjoy the upcoming week, only to find the weekend overscheduled ,meals not prepared and groceries gone to waste? The Good Eats Company clients are busy working couples and families, single professionals and retirees freed at last from kitchen responsibilities.

Is the service affordable?

A meal carefully and lovingly prepared to your tastes costs about the same as a restaurant meal.

If you dine out frequently, consider the added costs of fuel, tip, beverage and sitters. With fresh, additive free meals in your fridge ready to be heated,  you can dine casually at home on your own schedule.

How do I get started with a personal chef?

Let’s set up a complimentary interview in your home at a mutually agreeable time – evenings and weekends are fine – and we will discover how you prefer to eat: likes, dislikes, food allergies and sensitivities, health needs, favorite comfort and memory foods, favorite restaurant dishes. From that month’s menu you will choose a customized package of meals for your set cookdate. At a minimum you will choose five entrees, each with one side, four servings each, for a total of twenty meals.  Most freezers and refrigerators can accommodate this quantity of food. You may also choose extra side dishes, breads and desserts.

Do we have to sign a contract?

There is no need to commit to a contract. My hope is that you are so pleased with your meals that you will ask for a repeat cookdate. You are then welcome to join my schedule of regular cookdates at an interval that suits your needs. Most clients prefer monthly cooking sessions. Click here to learn more about the pricing structure.

What can we expect for our cookdate?

All food, packaging and cooking equipment is taken to your home and I will use your countertops, cooktop, oven and fridge as my temporary kitchen. The food is cooked, packaged and labeled according  to  your specifications and you will be given written instructions for storage and heating. Your kitchen will be cleaned carefully with natural cleaning products and you will be left with personalized meals and an aromatic kitchen. In preparation for your cookdate I ask that you leave space in your fridge and freezer and that all countertops, sinks and cooking surfaces are clean and cleared. The Good Eats Company does not deliver meals; all cooking is done on-site.

Does your company honor special dietary needs?

The Good Eats Company offers a variety of vegetarian and vegan selections. Most menu items can be prepared gluten free or low fat. Food allergies and sensitivities are taken into account and respected. Special dietary plans for weight loss are also offered.

What areas do you serve in Metro Richmond?

The Good Eats Company provides personal chef services in metro Richmond, VA including Henrico County, Short Pump, Mechanicsville, the East End, South Side, Midlothian and Chesterfield.

Do you travel outside the richmond metropolitan area?

I will take my traveling kitchen anywhere within several hours drive time from Richmond.

I have prepared meals in Virginia Beach, Charlottesville, Washington, DC (and its Maryland and Virginia suburbs), Roanoke and Raleigh. There will be a travel charge to cover gas expense.

Is The Good Eats Company a green business?

I only use natural cleaning products to avoid exposure to harmful environmental toxins, including vegetable based laundry detergent for fresh linens used in the kitchen. All vegetable and fruit scraps are composted. I buy locally sourced products as much as possible. My bag of recyclable packaging is at times larger than my bag for refuse, and I encourage clients to reuse, recycle and repurpose packaging containers.