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closeup of lemon maple roasted chicken

Lemon Maple Roasted Chicken

september 25, 2019

closeup of lemon maple roasted chicken

In summer, the neighborhood fills with the aromas of simple grilled foods. Fall is when the party shifts indoors and the house smells like a cozy restaurant. Here’s a recipe to guarantee you and your family or guests will feel like patrons at a corner cafe where comfort reigns supreme. Continue reading

Lemon Rosemary Roasted Chicken

february 15, 2018

lemon rosemary roasted chicken


This winter my perennial herbs really took a hit. After a few chilly spells, the thyme has the color and consistency of slimy sea kelp. In milder winters I have been able to harvest oregano for weeks after the first frost. This winter, all I have left is one herb —  a few scraggly spears of rosemary on my plants, and the most viable went toward today’s Lemon Rosemary Roasted Chicken. The house needed a really comforting aroma before guests arrived, and the rosemary contributed to the illusion I had been cooking all day. In reality there is nothing easier than roasting chicken thighs. No pan sear, no fuss, just marinate for a bit in the lemon garlic rosemary magic, roast and there you have it. A simple rustic meal emboldened with the bite of pickled hot peppers, on a creamy base of whatever suits your taste. Continue reading