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Nectarine Almond Cake

august 28, 2019

Nectarine Almond Cake slice

It’s easy to get spoiled when you live in a climate where stone fruits, specifically peaches and nectarines, are available at local roadside stands and markets. I cannot remember the last time I purchased those fruits from the grocery store. Why would I, when the aroma and texture of Virginia stone fruit beckons, with white and yellow peaches and nectarines and cute smooshed donut peaches nestled in rustic baskets calling to me each time I make a run for vegetables. Continue reading

Grilled Chicken and Nectarine Salad

august 18, 2017

grilled chicken and nectarine salad


My favorite event in culinary training was market basket day, when we were asked to craft a multi-course meal from items in the basket. A similar concept shows up on cooking competition shows these days, only the time crunch is more exaggerated. We had most of a morning to come up with creative turns on, for example, red peppers/whole chicken/shallots/apples.I was always astounded at the level of creativity of my classmates and the dozens of different ways simple items could be transformed into dishes with complex flavors and showstopping presentation. When I make a new monthly menu for The Good Eats Company clients, I may look around and see what surplus items might be made into savory and sweet entries on the menu. Lots of walnuts? Time for walnut chocolate caramel tart, and perhaps a walnut crusted roasted fish.  Continue reading