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Chocolate Chile Panna Cotta

february 8, 2021

chocolate chile panna cotta

The default easy dessert is usually ice cream. You purchase, you scoop, you please your guests and your own palate. There are so many options and so many flavors you can’t go wrong . Making a restaurant-level dessert like this Chocolate Chile Panna Cotta is a breeze and looks like you’ve been very busy in the kitchen. Because of Valentine’s Day, February is the month for chocolate, am I right? Let’s get to this simple recipe. Continue reading

chocolate cherry panna cotta

Chocolate Cherry Panna Cotta

february 6, 2019

chocolate cherry panna cotta

If you search for Valentine’s Day desserts, you’ll likely come up with either chocolate or fruits, and preferably red fruits. ¬†With this recipe you have both : dark sweet cherries, buttermilk panna cotta tinted with cherry juice and topped with dark chocolate ganache. The panna cotta is tart-sweet, a nice counterpoint to the sweetness of the ganache. The dark cherries need no added sugar, as they are tender and sweet all by themselves.

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