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serving of white cheddar cider potato gratin

White Cheddar Cider Potato Gratin

November 28, 2023

serving of white cheddar cider potato gratin

Potatoes and cheese make excellent culinary partners. I adore potatoes with cheese and plenty of cheese with my potatoes. This much is true : you can always back off on the cheese, but keep the potatoes steady and plentiful. Continue reading

Pear Cheddar Chowder

december 4, 2015

pear cheddar chowder


Some of the best meals are eaten with a spoon. Pureed soups are great, and thick chunky chowders are even better. I make so many soups that I rarely order them in restaurants, but if a well populated chowder presented itself, I would reconsider. Especially if it contains cheese.

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