Mango Coconut Cocktail

july 16, 2020

mango coconut cocktail

Homemade cocktail mixers are the most handy items taking up valued space in your fridge, ever chilled and at the ready for adding to spirits, fizzy beverages or enjoyed over ice as a solo drink.

My favorite mixers are versatile enough to make mocktails with a splash of citrus seltzer or make a harmonious pairing with whatever spirits you have in your cabinet for a flavorful cocktail. Your guests will be impressed with the flavors in this creamy tart beverage made with canned coconut milk, lime juice and mango. It’s mighty hard to find pure mango juice so be content with a product mixed with other juices like pear; just be certain your pick is pure juice and not sweetened with corn syrup or sugars. You’ll use agave syrup as a more friendly sweetening agent in this recipe.

ingredients for mango coconut cocktail

Most mango juices are a blend, usually with pear; just be certain yours does not have corn syrup or sugars.

Angostura bitters lend a custom kick to this drink to cut the sweet, but start with a dash or two and add more to taste as it can be overpowering. I used white tequila for this cocktail and I can say with confidence that other spirits like rum and bourbon will make good mixing companions. The mix keeps for a week in your fridge. These days we gather with a healthy social distance, not lacking for companionship yet being mindful of taking extra care of our loved ones. Sharing snacks and a beverage  on a summer evening with cicadas singing and fireflies putting on a twinkly show is how we entertain this year, grateful for friends and family.closeup of mango coconut cocktail

Mango Coconut Cocktail

recipe by Michele Humlan, The Good Eats Company

makes about 5 cups


one can full fat coconut milk, about 13.5-14.5 ounces
3 cups mango juice*
4-6 tablespoons agave syrup
juice of one large lime
angostura bitters
for mocktail : club soda, seltzer or other fizzy beverage
for cocktail : white tequila or other spirits like rum, bourbon
optional garnishes : lime zest, fresh mango
* pure mango juice hard to find, so get juice blend that is unsweetened and is pure juice


  1. In large mixing bowl or pitcher, gently whisk together coconut milk, mango juice, agave and lime juice; start with 4 tablespoons agave and add more to suit your taste.
  2. This mix will keep in the fridge up to 1 week.
  3. For a mocktail, pour mix over lots of ice in a tall glass, or add mix about halfway up the glass and top with club soda, seltzer or other fizzy beverage.
  4. For a cocktail, use 3 ounces mix per 2 ounces alcohol.
  5. For both beverages, add angostura bitters to taste and mix with spoon – start with 2 dashes and increase as desired.
  6. Garnish as desired with lime zest and fresh mango.
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