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Cucumber Rosewater Vodka Cocktail

august 9, 2022

glass of cucumber rosewater vodka cocktail

A summer cocktail with the subtle, yet distinctive, flavors of cucumber and rosewater requires a special spirit. Sugarcane-based rum is too sweet and tequila from the agave plant is too strong. Continue reading

mango coconut cocktail

Mango Coconut Cocktail

july 16, 2020

mango coconut cocktail

Homemade cocktail mixers are the most handy items taking up valued space in your fridge, ever chilled and at the ready for adding to spirits, fizzy beverages or enjoyed over ice as a solo drink. Continue reading

raspberry peach shrub with 2 ounces shrub

Raspberry Peach Shrub

july 3, 2019

raspberry peach shrub with 2 ounces shrub

Some years back, a client gave me some pamphlets touting the benefits of pure apple cider vinegar. There were hundreds of uses listed and one could never remember them all; it was overwhelming . Household uses were listed with abandon. Although it seems a waste to use pure organic apple cider for cleaning (that’s what white vinegar is ideally suited to accomplish), I do use it for cooking and livening up both sweet and savory dishes. And I drink just a little bit each and every day.

Continue reading