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slice of bacon apple cheese tart

Bacon Apple Cheese Tart

October 25, 2022

slice of bacon apple cheese tart

I have a tart which will serve as breakfast, brunch, appetizer, lunch or dinner. It can be made ahead and responds to all manner of substitutions. The words apple, bacon and cheese conjure cool weather comfort. This tart is a warm hug from the autumn kitchen. You can make this recipe your own with lots of other additions.

While local apples are fragrant and crisp, they inspire creativity. There is no need to limit your use of apples to sweet treats. Turkey Apple Meatloaf with apple butter dijon glaze is just the right mix of savory and sweet. Broccoli Apple Ale Soup is full-on savory. Apples, raw and cooked, are super versatile. Virginia apple season is spectacular this year and I am in apple heaven. Continue reading