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plate of tuna with corn and capers

Tuna with Corn and Capers

July 26, 2023

plate of tuna with corn and capers

Summertime and the cooking is easy, for the obvious reason of wanting to generate less heat. This tasty recipe features local corn and the meatiness of grilled tuna. Grilling the tuna is quick and easy. Creamy corn with capers, white wine and shallot takes only a few stovetop minutes. If you want a side of asparagus as shown here, the microwave will help. Continue reading

White Bean and Cabbage Soup

january 14, 2017

white bean and cabbage soup

Last weekend Richmond enjoyed the first snow day of winter. The silence was magical and holiday decorations still up were given the seal of authenticity with caps of fluffy snow and dangling icicles. Snowmen appeared as kids and grownups alike frolicked in yards and parks. Snow ice cream recipes were traded and the desserts were devoured and pronounced the best ever because it was so very cold. Continue reading