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bowl of navy bean potato soup

Navy Bean Potato Soup

January 3, 2023

bowl of navy bean potato soup

The temperature drops to 9 degrees at night and I say ” I guess it’s now soup weather”. The temperature rises back to the 70s and I repeat that statement. In this kitchen, it’s aways a good time for a steaming hot bowl of soup. Continue reading

bowl of beans, sausage and chard

Beans, Sausage and Chard

april 3, 2020

bowl of beans, sausage and chard

Our wonderful public radio station asked me recently on Instagram “What is your favorite snow day meal?” Even though it was spring and not a snowflake in sight (or hindsight, darn it) I did not hesitate when I answered  Beans and Greens. Truthfully, if the thermometer read triple digits, my answer would be the same. We all need a little extra comfort in these trying times, and it’s time to recast that original recipe with some nice sausage for an extra filling and homey dish that can both feed a crowd or dwell faithfully in your freezer for when you need a culinary hug.

Continue reading

White Bean and Cabbage Soup

january 14, 2017

white bean and cabbage soup

Last weekend Richmond enjoyed the first snow day of winter. The silence was magical and holiday decorations still up were given the seal of authenticity with caps of fluffy snow and dangling icicles. Snowmen appeared as kids and grownups alike frolicked in yards and parks. Snow ice cream recipes were traded and the desserts were devoured and pronounced the best ever because it was so very cold. Continue reading