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Jambalaya with Cauliflower Rice

february 6, 2015

jambalaya with cauliflower rice

Sometimes I think proponents of the Paleo Diet are on to something.  These folks eat the way our hunter-gatherer ancestors purportedly did, grain and dairy free, with a diet mostly composed of animals proteins, vegetables and fruits.  There is no sugar, and therefore no wine or alcohol,  and  no legumes,  thus no beans, lentils or peanuts. Bummer.  I am simplifying things a bit, but if you want a good read, Wikipedia is a good place to start.  Also no coffee.  Double bummer.

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chicken with wild mushrooms and carrot

chicken with wild mushrooms and carrot

november 25, 2012

     Nothing says umami like the taste of wild mushrooms.  If only I could stroll through the woods and confidently pick mushrooms that are tasty and safe to eat! Leaving this step to the experts, I forage happily at local farmers markets or a nearby grocery.  A visit to the South of the James Market In Richmond last weekend yielded lovely specimens from two local growers : white and grey oyster mushrooms from amFOG(site under construction) and shiitakes and creminis from Steve Haas Mushrooms.