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plate of salmo with cucunber corn salsa

Salmon with Cucumber Corn Salsa

September 6, 2022

plate of salmo with cucunber corn salsa


Simple is best. A nice piece of fish, prepared well, with summer’s bounty of local vegetables : that’s a perfect meal. Today’s recipe honors the last of ¬†fresh corn season. Virginia sweet corn is starting to peter out, but fortunately colorful autumn fruits and vegetables are taking its place at the stands. Continue reading

Pork Chops with Peach Corn Salsa

july 25, 2018

pork chops with peach corn salsa

One of my tasters for this dish was raised on a farm with real food. She swears these pork chops from Harlow Ridge Farm taste like the pure, unadulterated meat she enjoyed in her youth. I also have a memory of farm raised meats and chicken which had a richer taste and texture than today’s supermarket offerings. Family-owned Harlow Ridge Farm in nearby Hanover County, Virginia, has pasture raised Berkshire and Tamworth pigs as well as beef and poultry. They sell directly from the farm, at local farmer’s markets and at several small grocers. Some of Richmond’s finest dining establishments feature their meats.¬† Continue reading