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asparagus salsa verde

Asparagus Salsa Verde

may 9, 2019

asparagus salsa verde

The less done to fresh asparagus, the better. Brief blanching, quick roasting or a few hops in the saute pan will do. If you’re lucky enough to score some tender, first-of-the-season asparagus, no cooking at all is just fine. Shaved in a salad or finely diced, as in this Asparagus Salsa Verde, asparagus has a pleasantly grassy flavor and gentle crunch that is unlike any other vegetable. It needs a bright wake up from citrus or acid to come to life. This salsa combines fresh asparagus with lime juice and green as far as the eye can see—except for a few bits of red onion for flavor and contrast. Continue reading

Pork Chops with Peach Corn Salsa

july 25, 2018

pork chops with peach corn salsa

One of my tasters for this dish was raised on a farm with real food. She swears these pork chops from Harlow Ridge Farm taste like the pure, unadulterated meat she enjoyed in her youth. I also have a memory of farm raised meats and chicken which had a richer taste and texture than today’s supermarket offerings. Family-owned Harlow Ridge Farm in nearby Hanover County, Virginia, has pasture raised Berkshire and Tamworth pigs as well as beef and poultry. They sell directly from the farm, at local farmer’s markets and at several small grocers. Some of Richmond’s finest dining establishments feature their meats.  Continue reading

Spicy Salsa Verde

october 21, 2016

spicy salsa verde

There was a time when purchased salsa meant watery tomato product flecked with a few bits and occasionally livened with something tart and something providing heat. Serviceable, but not very exciting, and certainly not worthy of your chips or quesadillas or other homemade dishes.

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grilled steak with apple jalapeño salsa

Steak with Apple Jalapeño Salsa

october 2, 2015


grilled steak with apple jalapeño salsasteak with apple jalapeño salsa

When apples are paired with meats, the usual suspects are pork and chicken. Rarely does one think of apple and beef. I hope to alter that perception with a spice rubbed grilled flat iron steak accompanied by a refreshing citrus kissed apple salsa.

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breakfast tostadas with tomato avocado salsa

breakfast tostadas with tomato avocado salsa

november 7, 2012

breakfast tostadas with tomato avocado salsa 


          Daybreak Farm sits on 90 acres outside Richmond, Virginia in Chesterfield County.  Fully operational since 2008, the farm is owned by the DiSavino Family and managed well by powerhouse Dawn DiSavino, who gave a recent tour with daughter Annmarie and son Howie.  This family lives off the land – they eat what is grown and raised – and most of the power used to keep the farm running is solar.  Large freestanding solar panels resembling sports bleachers are visible just beyond the main house.  Currently there are goats for soapmaking , beehives which should produce honey by spring, a fledgling fruit orchard, a well stocked  fish pond and over one hundred laying hens, guarded by three roosters.
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