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quinoa pancakes with maple syrup

Quinoa Pancakes

december 26, 2019

quinoa pancakes with maple syrup


Love me some pancakes, but not fond of the sleepy state that ensues. Carby sugar rush is a given unless there’s a hefty side or two of protein to keep me from snoozing. I think I’ll just add some high quality protein to my buttermilk pancakes with chewy bits of cooked quinoa and call that an eye opening breakfast. Continue reading

Bacon Buttermilk Pancakes

february 21, 2014

bacon buttermilk pancakes


It was a pancake kind of day.  Chilly, with the last vestiges of snow tucked into the deep recesses of shrubbery.  Pancakes by a crackling fire, with hot tea, fresh citrus and bacon. Continue reading