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Jasmine Pomegranate Cocktail

Jasmine Pomegranate Cocktail

january 8, 2020

Jasmine Pomegranate Cocktail


Torn between having a nice hot cup of tea, because it’s winter, and a refreshing cold beverage, because it’s 60-something degrees for days on end, I decided to celebrate both drinks with a cocktail using fragrant jasmine tea, pomegranate juice and gin, shaken over ice. Continue reading

Meyer Lemon Mezcal Cocktail

january 2, 2016

meyer lemon mezcal cocktail

Have you noticed the full page of craft cocktails at your favorite restaurants? No longer content to offer the usual manhattans and martinis, bartenders are upping the game with seasonal ingredients and herbs and homemade bitters, tempting with signature drinks to start your dinner with flair.

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