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pan of shrimp puttanesca

Shrimp Puttanesca

October 5, 2023

pan of shrimp puttanesca

Summer ends and I look for ways to use the tender garden herbs before first frost. This simple recipe for Shrimp Puttanesca is the Mediterranean Diet at its best. Both fresh oregano and basil work well. Continue reading

Socca Pizza with Roasted Tomatoes

march 29, 2018

socca pizza with roasted tomatoes

The esteemed food writer Michael Pollan said it best : Eat food, not too much, mostly plants. Starchy carbs are not my enemy, but I do feel better when I stick with Pollan’s suggestion to let plant based foods become the star in my meal planning. There is no substitute for my beloved potatoes and they are always welcome at the table. Grain based products like pizza and breads are an occasional craving, so replacing starchy grains and enjoying a quick bread made with almond flour, or this pizza made with chickpea flour, is the way I choose to enjoy the things I love.  Continue reading

slow roasted tomatoes with garlic and herbs

october 1, 2013

slow roasted tomatoes with garlic and herbs


When you are given a gift of late season tomatoes, you have only two choices; you can eat them all right away, or make them last longer by preserving them for later enjoyment.

Continue reading