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shrimp and pomegranate spread

Shrimp and Pomegranate Spread

december 16, 2020

shrimp and pomegranate spread

You read the phrase¬†self care quite a bit these days. Get good quality sleep and plenty of it, be sure to exercise mind and body, read thought provoking books and don’t skimp on the aromatherapy. The idea of eating well and thoughtfully so doesn’t always make the list. Let’s change that. Continue reading

Sesame Shrimp Toasts

march 18, 2017

sesame shrimp toasts

Most people grow up eating Chinese food (well, American Chinese food) in restaurants with their families or as takeout. Oh, those adorable white paper buckets! My family ate canned chow mein noodles with canned “chop suey” and that was some exotic stuff on the home front. My introduction to restaurant quality Chinese food came late in my college years, when my pals and I explored the DC suburbs in search of cheap eats.

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