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shrimp and pomegranate spread

Shrimp and Pomegranate Spread

december 16, 2020

shrimp and pomegranate spread

You read the phrase¬†self care quite a bit these days. Get good quality sleep and plenty of it, be sure to exercise mind and body, read thought provoking books and don’t skimp on the aromatherapy. The idea of eating well and thoughtfully so doesn’t always make the list. Let’s change that. Continue reading

sweet potato pilaf

Sweet Potato Pilaf

january 10, 2019

sweet potato pilaf


This sweet potato pilaf is for everyone who loves the idea of adding sweet potatoes to their diet, but will enjoy them more without all the sweet hoopla of brown sugar and marshmallows. There is a bit of sweet tartness with the addition of pomegranate seeds, but not a smidge of sugar in sight.

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Lemon Pomegranate Vinaigrette

december 30, 2016

lemon pomegranate vinaigrette

After all that holiday creaminess, all that sweetness, all that indulgence, I’ll bet ¬†you have vowed to eat more salads in the coming new year. Salads are the perfect meal for improvisation, whether you are cleaning the fridge or cleaning the cabinets – think olives, dried fruits, bits of cheese, toasted nuts and seeds – and they deserve the best dressings. And the very best dressings are the ones you make at home. Continue reading