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white pepper grape cocktail

White Pepper Grape Cocktail

February 1, 2023

white pepper grape cocktail

A good cocktail recipe becomes a mocktail recipe when you remove the alcohol and add something refreshing like fizzy water. Readers of River City Good Eats notice alcohol- free variations in my cocktail recipes. Today’s White Pepper Grape Cocktail is no different. Flexibility is key in gracious entertaining, I say. Continue reading

Blood Orange Black Pepper Cocktail

february 28, 2018

blood orange black pepper cocktail

Blood orange season is mercifully brief. Don’t assume I dislike this deep red tart fruit, but its short run at the markets assures that I indulge while available and pine for its presence once it disappears from the market shelves. I like seasonality and I like to miss things and not take them for granted. Moro oranges are like that for me. I suppose I could purchase the juice in a jar, but then I would miss the opportunity to slice into ruby flesh and fill my kitchen with the unmistakeable aroma of winy blood orange. Continue reading

cherry mojito

Cherry Mojito

july 29, 2016

cherry mojito

When you cook, you sometimes make mistakes. I cook a lot, and I make a lot of mistakes. It’s how I learn. Those cute little refrigerator magnets say it succinctly : Always Make New Mistakes.

Continue reading