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Cucumber Rosewater Vodka Cocktail

august 9, 2022

glass of cucumber rosewater vodka cocktail

A summer cocktail with the subtle, yet distinctive, flavors of cucumber and rosewater requires a special spirit. Sugarcane-based rum is too sweet and tequila from the agave plant is too strong. Continue reading

clementine cardamom cocktail

Clementine Cardamom Cocktail

february 22, 2022

clementine cardamom cocktail



Nearly all cocktail recipes in this collection of recipes may be enjoyed alcohol-free as mocktails. Today’s Clementine Cardamom Cocktail is no exception. This is a good thing, for kids and everyone else who avoids spirits. An attractive seasonal beverage, with or without spirits,  is a reliable conversation starter and always welcome at the table. What made you think of these flavors? Very likely whatever is in season and paired with  herbs and spices not used in past recipes. Continue reading

basil plum cocktial

Basil Plum Cocktail

October 12, 2021

basil plum cocktial

Basil tastes lively right up until that first chilly night, when wilted leaves the next morning means revival is futile.  Likewise, the time for stone fruits is over until next year. Basil Plum Cocktail, with fruit infused vodka and basil simple syrup, is our goodbye to autumn warmth . Continue reading

lemon ginger vodka cooler

Lemon Ginger Vodka Cooler

august 17, 2021

lemon ginger vodka cooler

Wine coolers enjoyed a surge in popularity many years ago. They were the low alcohol counterpoint to more potent cocktails made with spirits. Nevertheless, like many fads, they passed into oblivion. Modern takes on coolers are more likely to involve vodka with something citrus and something fizzy. Continue reading

Strawberry Tarragon Lime Cocktail

may 17, 2018

strawberry tarragon lime cocktail

And just like that, it’s summer. We may have a month to go by the calendar, but when the temperature climbs and air conditioners kick on ( with more than a little grumbling that it’s May, dangit, and why can’t we wait until June?), we long for great outdoor dining adventures. Pretty lights strung up between trees, the first fireflies of the season and a light breeze rustling the leafy trees. Yep, it’s time to dine and entertain on the deck, in the yard and on the screen porch.

Continue reading

Blood Orange Black Pepper Cocktail

february 28, 2018

blood orange black pepper cocktail

Blood orange season is mercifully brief. Don’t assume I dislike this deep red tart fruit, but its short run at the markets assures that I indulge while available and pine for its presence once it disappears from the market shelves. I like seasonality and I like to miss things and not take them for granted. Moro oranges are like that for me. I suppose I could purchase the juice in a jar, but then I would miss the opportunity to slice into ruby flesh and fill my kitchen with the unmistakeable aroma of winy blood orange. Continue reading