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closeup lemon apple butter chicken

Lemon Apple Butter Chicken

December 13, 2023

closeup lemon apple butter chicken

The slow cooker is your time-saving friend all year long. Especially during the end of year holiday rush. You eat and feel better when meals are homemade. Attend holiday events and join shoppers knowing that this Lemon Apple Butter Chicken awaits you at home. Continue reading

closeup of slow cooker fig shallot chicken

Slow Cooker Fig Shallot Chicken

April 11, 2023

closeup of slow cooker fig shallot chicken

Dinner makes itself. This is not a farfetched idea with your slow cooker. Place everything in the crock and check back in a few hours. Dinner magically appears, ready for a simple side and salad. Continue reading

Moroccan Chicken with Prunes

march 3, 2017

moroccan chicken with prunes

Quinoa makes a great substitute for couscous.

Some years back I was gifted with one of the first Crockpot cookbooks, a used version which, by the looks of the dogeared pages, was at one time much loved. This was before I even had a slow cooker. After awhile I sent it to the thrift store, since so many of the recipes involved opening cans of condensed soups or packs of spice mixes. The food snob in me declared this was most certainly not cooking. On the contrary, it was dumping fake ingredients into a machine and waiting for the results. A  mix of foods and non-foods which eventually would resemble food.

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