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closeup of strawberry sugar snap salad

Strawberry Sugar Snap Salad

may 17, 2022

closeup of strawberry sugar snap salad

Spring salads lead to lighter eating for the upcoming summer season. It’s time to step away from heavy foods and crunch into bright, crispy seasonal fruits and vegetables. This Strawberry Sugar Snap Salad has plenty of color and crunch. Moreover, the heady Thai basil dressing and peanuts take this pretty salad in a more exotic direction. Continue reading

grilled corn and sugar snap pea salad

june 28, 2013

grilled corn salad with sugar snap peas


How fortuitous that the seasons for sweet corn and sugar snap peas overlap.  Sweet beginning for fresh corn, and melancholy ending for the short-lived fresh sugar snap pea, which is worlds apart from the sorry, limp frozen variety available year round at your grocery store.

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