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closeup of strawberry sugar snap salad

Strawberry Sugar Snap Salad

may 17, 2022

closeup of strawberry sugar snap salad

Spring salads lead to lighter eating for the upcoming summer season. It’s time to step away from heavy foods and crunch into bright, crispy seasonal fruits and vegetables. This Strawberry Sugar Snap Salad has plenty of color and crunch. Moreover, the heady Thai basil dressing and peanuts take this pretty salad in a more exotic direction. Continue reading

closeup of lime basil cantaloupe salad

Lime Basil Cantaloupe Salad

august 31, 2021

closeup of lime basil cantaloupe salad

Technically, this Lime Basil Cantaloupe Salad is a fruit salad. Both tomato and cucumber are also fruits, as is the lime in the vinaigrette. The salad is savory enough, however, that you can please those with palates avoiding sweets. Continue reading

Thai Melon and Radish Salad

july 18, 2018

thai melon and radish salad

When it gets so hot outdoors I wilt from the humidity, I turn to cool things. Not cool as in trendy, but delicious things to enjoy which don’t involve cooking. Some days the very thought of standing at a hot grill turns me to melting mush. It helps that I have a bounty of beautiful Thai basil growing in pots on the deck, and that the anise-like flavor is most appreciated when enjoyed in the uncooked state. And that watermelon radishes are always available in warm weather months! The baby melons adorning store shelves and roadside stands have been calling me to craft tart and sweet salads with thin slices of their summer goodness. Continue reading