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plated greek salad with orange

Greek Salad with Orange

february 20, 2020

plated greek salad with orange


Here is a confession of sorts, although I feel no guilt in admitting that I cannot wait until summer to enjoy the taste and texture of fresh tomatoes. They are enjoyed raw in salads and roasted with garlic and olive oil. Grape tomatoes, cocktail tomatoes, Campari tomatoes—whatever name they are given, they taste lovely to me.

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Cauliflower Corn Tomato Salad

july 17, 2019

overhead of cauliflower corn tomato salad

When in the thick of summer, take advantage of local summer produce, and generate as little heat as possible. That’s a good couple of loose rules to follow when you want something bright, crunchy and easy for serving at home or taking to a dinner gathering. Continue reading

Green Curry Corn Tomato Salad

august 27, 2016

green curry corn tomato salad

How lucky we are that corn and tomatoes are in season at the same time, because there is nothing better than an ear of buttered sweet corn next to sun ripened sliced tomatoes on your plate, adorned with nothing but a light sprinkle of your favorite salt.

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Burrata Caprese Salad

september 12, 2014

burrata caprese salad

Tomato season is winding down in Virginia.  Time to enjoy the last of these fruits of summer, fresh in salads and salsas or preserved with canning and slow roasting.  I like to make my green tomato chutney which carries me through to next summer.

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