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closeup of butternut black bean soup

Butternut Black Bean Soup

january 23, 2020

closeup of butternut black bean soup

The enjoyment of eating soup can be likened to the development of a good friendship. Things are lovely in the beginning and as time passes the relationship takes on depth from shared experiences. You would not immediately bond with most potential friends and you would not fully appreciate the complex flavors of soup until some time has passed and the taste blooms into something wonderful. Continue reading

Butternut Squash Gratin

november 10, 2017

butternut squash gratin


Each year at Thanksgiving, folks divide up into two camps. Sweet potato and no sweet potato. For the sweet potato lovers, further subdivision yields the sweet sweet potato side dish aficionados  (marshmallow people, I’m talking to you) and those who insist on savory sweet potato dishes at the holiday table, like my Ginger Scallion Sweet Potatoes. Me, I like it all. I grew up with what my parents referred to as candied yams, sweet potato chunks swimming in a sweet glaze and more of an afterthought to the meal. It was our duty to serve them, but no one was clamoring for their presence. And if memory serves, they were canned and not fresh, an oddity because of the global availability of sweet potatoes in autumn. Continue reading