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slice of cheddar parmesan potato gratin

Cheddar Parmesan Potato Gratin

january 26, 2021

slice of cheddar parmesan potato gratin

Set your priorities for the new year. What are your favorite foods and how will you incorporate them into your meal plan? Potatoes, Cheese and Chocolate are my top three and if I had to eliminate one it would be chocolate. Put potatoes and cheese together and watch me swoon. Breakfast, lunch and dinner could be this combination, in all its myriad forms. This white cheddar parmesan potato gratin is tasty hot, cold (I ate the leftovers for breakfast) and at room temperature. My dinner tasters got a little serving, too. Continue reading

platter of red cabbage and delicata squash

Red Cabbage and Delicata Squash

october 28, 2020

platter of red cabbage and delicata squash

When it’s time to plant fall pansies, my eye is drawn to the color combination of orange and purple. Although if taken individually, they are not part of my favored home color scheme of natural browns and greens. But there is homage to the memory of my wardrobe preferences in early adolescence of orange and purple everything. And I do mean everything. Shirts, shorts, dresses, culottes, coats, scarves and all manner of accessories simply had to be either orange, or purple, and preferably both. Continue reading

celery root mashed potatoes

Celery Root Mashed Potatoes

november 15, 2018

celery root mashed potatoes

Sure, the Thanksgiving holiday usually has turkey as the centerpiece of a bountiful spread, but it’s really all about the sides, right? Ask folks what they like to see at the table and they rarely mention turkey—they rhapsodize about the sweet potatoes, the green beans, the pies and yes, the mashed potatoes which are destined to cradle all that silky turkey gravy. Continue reading

Butternut Squash Gratin

november 10, 2017

butternut squash gratin


Each year at Thanksgiving, folks divide up into two camps. Sweet potato and no sweet potato. For the sweet potato lovers, further subdivision yields the sweet sweet potato side dish aficionados  (marshmallow people, I’m talking to you) and those who insist on savory sweet potato dishes at the holiday table, like my Ginger Scallion Sweet Potatoes. Me, I like it all. I grew up with what my parents referred to as candied yams, sweet potato chunks swimming in a sweet glaze and more of an afterthought to the meal. It was our duty to serve them, but no one was clamoring for their presence. And if memory serves, they were canned and not fresh, an oddity because of the global availability of sweet potatoes in autumn. Continue reading