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grilled shrimp with herbed pistachio sauce

Grilled Shrimp with Herbed Pistachio Sauce

july 2, 2020

grilled shrimp with herbed pistachio sauce

Ever skip a recipe with “grilled” in the title because you either don’t have a grill or don’t want to bother with grill setup? Me, too, except in this case my grill is currently snoozing and I’m too lazy to replace the tank. Cast iron grill pan to the rescue, and failing that, the oven broiler. Both of these are great substitutes for grilling. Smoky flavor will not be imparted but with items like shrimp which take minutes if not seconds to cook, that won’t matter. Continue reading

Spicy Salsa Verde

october 21, 2016

spicy salsa verde

There was a time when purchased salsa meant watery tomato product flecked with a few bits and occasionally livened with something tart and something providing heat. Serviceable, but not very exciting, and certainly not worthy of your chips or quesadillas or other homemade dishes.

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