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baking dish of triple corn spoon bread

Triple Corn Spoon Bread

May 30, 2024

baking dish of triple corn spoon bread



Laugh at my admission, but Fritos corn chips are my favorite salty snack. They contain only three ingredients (corn, oil and salt) and no hard-to-pronounce chemical additives. I decided to add them to one of my favorite quick breads and this is the result. Continue reading

fluffy breakfast muffins

february 1, 2013


The shelves of my kitchen cabinet hold my mother’s tattered and dogeared copy of the 1940 American Woman’s Cookbook.  Quaint by today’s standards, this much loved book holds the promise of balanced, sensible meals prepared with thought, care and minimally processed foods.  How we long for the good old days!  Until the dawning realization that putting together three home cooked meals each and every day is a major undertaking and not for today’s time challenged kitchen denizens.  To paraphrase the old joke : what do today’s cooks make for dinner? Reservations.

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