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baking dish of triple corn spoon bread

Triple Corn Spoon Bread

May 30, 2024

baking dish of triple corn spoon bread



Laugh at my admission, but Fritos corn chips are my favorite salty snack. They contain only three ingredients (corn, oil and salt) and no hard-to-pronounce chemical additives. I decided to add them to one of my favorite quick breads and this is the result. Continue reading

Spring Vegetable Spoon Bread Tart

may 20, 2016

spring vegetable spoon bread tart

You can craft a savory tart with any number of crusts. Bubbly yeasted pizza dough, flaky pastry crust and crispy semolina flatbread to name a few; or you can make a crustless tart and make lots of folks happy. One of the current trends is to go paleo with crusts made from cauliflower, with or without cheese.

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