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serving of no bake sweet potato cheesecake

No Bake Sweet Potato Cheesecake

december 7, 2021

serving of no bake sweet potato cheesecake

Did you have pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving? Sweet potatoes? Are you craving cheesecake? Answer yes to any of these questions and this dessert is for you. I love easy entertaining at year’s end holiday time. These No Bake mini Sweet Potato Cheescakes are simple, yet fancy for company. Continue reading

Brown Sugar Sweet Potatoes and Apples

october 18, 2017

brown sugar sweet potatoes and apples

It’s not the easiest thing to plan fall menus when the humidity and temperature are still elevated past September. The calendar, however, clearly shows autumn is in full swing and I am getting mentally prepared. Local summer produce has an inner time clock that tells production to halt making way for fall delights like squashes, sweet potatoes and hearty greens. There is change in the air. A stroll around my  local farm stand with beautiful rusty-dusty sweet potatoes and fragrant multi-hued apples tumbling from bins and boxes can bring back my inspiration every time this season of bounty rolls around. Continue reading

Sweet Potato Custard

december 5, 2014

sweet potato custard

There are good reasons to covet pie fillings without the fuss of crust.  The making of a good, flaky pie crust is time consuming and, if you’re like me, you may find premade pie crusts lacking in quality and flavor.  Lots of folks are foregoing extra carbs in grains, making a homemade grain free  crust (made with ground nuts) attractive, but also time consuming.

Continue reading