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skillet apple cobbler with ice cream

Skillet Apple Cobbler

november 17, 2020

skillet apple cobbler with ice cream

Perhaps your Thanksgiving celebration will look a little different this year, with fewer faces around the table, less hustle and bustle and fewer dishes. Or perhaps you’ve been so aggravated with 2020 you’ll skip the turkey and sides and focus only on desserts like the sweet-a-holic we all know you are. Am I pointing the finger at myself? Yes, why, yes I am. Continue reading

slice of pumpkin cheesecake pie

Pumpkin Cheesecake Pie

november 20, 2019

slice of pumpkin cheesecake pie

Pumpkin pie means Thanksgiving. Pumpkin cheesecake is always welcome at the holiday table. Why not combine the two and make a creamy dessert with spiced pumpkin custard hugging a layer of cheesecake? For you fans of make-ahead, this dessert may be frozen. Continue reading

Brown Sugar Sweet Potatoes and Apples

october 18, 2017

brown sugar sweet potatoes and apples

It’s not the easiest thing to plan fall menus when the humidity and temperature are still elevated past September. The calendar, however, clearly shows autumn is in full swing and I am getting mentally prepared. Local summer produce has an inner time clock that tells production to halt making way for fall delights like squashes, sweet potatoes and hearty greens. There is change in the air. A stroll around my ┬álocal farm stand with beautiful rusty-dusty sweet potatoes and fragrant multi-hued apples tumbling from bins and boxes can bring back my inspiration every time this season of bounty rolls around. Continue reading

French Apple Pie

november 18, 2016

french apple pie


Thanksgiving is a little early this year. Are you cooking or being fed? Traditional pumpkin pie or something a little different? French apple pie, or apple pie with a powered sugar icing glaze, is a delicious old fashioned dessert relegated these days to cafeterias and Mom and Pop pie shops. It would be a great, and easy, addition to the Thanksgiving menu with its buttery cinnamon shortbread crust and tender apple filling. Use gluten free or all-purpose flour for equally perfect results.

Continue reading