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glasses of watermelon tequila cocktail

Watermelon Tequila Cocktail

September 19, 2023

glasses of watermelon tequila cocktail

Seasonal eating is always preferred, but I confess a fondness for watermelon all year long. Watermelon (and its juice) is available perennially at most grocery stores. The bright pink elixir of juice, mixed into cocktails or mocktails, brings fond memories of balmy summertime. Continue reading

Moonshine Melon Mint Cocktail

may 12, 2017

moonshine melon mint cocktail


Is it summer yet? The calendar may not agree with my assessment, but in Richmond summer appeared sometime in February, when we passed the 80 degree mark, and in April when we soared into the nineties. A stout refusal to turn on the air conditioning (inĀ April!) got me thinking about ways to cool off in front of a fan on the back deck as I fired up the grill.

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Watermelon with Spicy Tahini Sauce

june 26, 2015

watermelon with spicy tahini sauce

The ideal scenario for summer outdoor dining and entertaining may be summed up in several steps. Throw something on the grill. Steam some ears of local corn (or grill them, as in grilled corn and sugar snap pea salad). Toss a simple salad. Serve something chilly for dessert – ice cream, gelato or sorbet.

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