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bowls of bloody mary fresh corn soup

Bloody Mary Fresh Corn Soup

August 24, 2023

bowls of bloody mary fresh corn soup

Cold soup appeals to me when the heat index stands between me and the stove. Local corn is still in season and that sweet crunch contributes to a nice light meal. Best thing is no cooking! Continue reading

overhead bowl fresh corn vichyssoise

Fresh Corn Vichyssoise

july 27, 2022

overhead bowl fresh corn vichyssoise



Hot soups are for cold weather comfort. Chilled soups, like this Fresh Corn Vichyssoise, are for days when it’s too hot to even consider dining alfresco. So sit under your ceiling fan in ¬†your air-conditioned home and enjoy a simple make ahead soup featuring summer corn. Continue reading

Coconut Corn Avocado Soup

august 15, 2014

coconut corn avocado soupSadly, we are nearing the end of fresh corn season here in Richmond.  People have favorites : white vs. yellow, the elusive Silver Queen vs. Supersweet, but even mediocre ears of corn are satisfying with a slather of good butter and a sprinkle of sea salt.

Continue reading