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chocolate mint ice cream cone

Chocolate Mint Ice Cream

september 28, 2021

chocolate mint ice cream cone

An abundance of mint graced my garden this summer. I grew chocolate mint, spearmint, peppermint and lemon mint. Guess which one flavored this ice cream? Chocolate mint plus some spearmint gave maximum flavor. For texture, cacao nibs are the crunchy bits that make this ice cream unique. Continue reading

dish of apple cheesecake ice cream

Apple Cheesecake Ice Cream

september 9, 2020

dish of apple cheesecake ice cream


Technically, it is still summer but when the Virginia apples are stacked at the roadside stands, colorful and fragrant, I’m thinking fall. Fall means apples in everything, from the savory to the sweet. Continue reading

Rhubarb Black Pepper Ice Cream

june 19, 2019


Despite my aversion to most things pink, I managed to pull together a pretty pink Strawberry Vinaigrette a few weeks ago, but I was determined that this rhubarb ice cream would not be uniformly pink—there would be bits of fruit, and hefty bits of black pepper. Mostly creamy white, with bits of pinky red tart rhubarb. Success!

Continue reading