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bowl of nutty buddy ice ream

Nutty Buddy Ice Cream

August 8, 2023

bowl of nutty buddy ice ream

Friends reminisced recently about ice cream treats of our youth. Specifically, how they’ve changed. Ice cream sandwiches evolved into elaborate affairs with gourmet ice cream between real chewy homemade cookies. Sherbet became sorbet and ice cream choices are gelato, frozen yogurt and nondairy frozen desserts. Variety appeals to everyone. Continue reading

Strawberry Banana Walnut Ice Cream

may 9, 2018

strawberry walnut ice cream



An early summer memory of growing up in the South involved banana ice cream. My mom and I would sit under a fragrant magnolia tree on the side porch, watching heat lightning, in floral cotton nightgowns, enjoying what we deemed homemade banana ice cream. In actuality, we simply smashed a ripe banana and mixed it with soft vanilla ice cream so the term “homemade” is relative. Continue reading