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pear whiskey sour

Pear Whiskey Sour

december 28, 2020

pear whiskey sour

Pear Whiskey Sour is what I’m making this holiday season to make my spirits bright. I am toasting the upcoming year. We have just endured a year that cannot be repeated, right? I am hopeful and wanting the world to recover all that has been lost. Some things may not come back to full speed, like raucous bar behavior.¬†Restaurant patrons, those who enjoy ¬†conversation that does not need to be shouted, will likely agree. Homemade cocktails suit me just fine for now, unless takeout is an option.¬† Continue reading

Meyer Lemon Whiskey Cocktail

february 20, 2019

meyer lemon whiskey cocktail

Strolling the market aisles, there it is. That unmistakable perfume of Meyer lemons. A cross between lemons and mandarin oranges, these beauties are both tart and sweet, adding depth to any recipe calling for either lemons or oranges. They have a short season, and that’s a good thing, for prolonged exposure means wearying of their charms and taking them for granted.

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