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sesame sake apple cocktail

Sesame Sake Apple Cocktail

January 9, 2024

sesame sake apple cocktail


The merits of winter come together in this Sesame Sake Apple Cocktail. Sesame, dark and rich, savory in contrast to the spare sweetness of this drink. Sake, often served warm with tasty dishes. Apple brandy, from the fruit that begins its journey in autumn and delights with crunch and versatility all winter long. A nip of tart fresh lemon juice makes this cool beverage a symphony of all the flavors. Continue reading

glasses of cranberry apple brandy cocktail

Cranberry Apple Brandy Cocktail

november 21, 2022

glasses of cranberry apple brandy cocktail


Holiday entertaining season begins this week. Here’s a refreshing beverage to accompany your homemade appetizers.  This Cranberry Apple Brandy Cocktail hits all the right notes and goes with everything. Continue reading

clementine cardamom cocktail

Clementine Cardamom Cocktail

february 22, 2022

clementine cardamom cocktail



Nearly all cocktail recipes in this collection of recipes may be enjoyed alcohol-free as mocktails. Today’s Clementine Cardamom Cocktail is no exception. This is a good thing, for kids and everyone else who avoids spirits. An attractive seasonal beverage, with or without spirits,  is a reliable conversation starter and always welcome at the table. What made you think of these flavors? Very likely whatever is in season and paired with  herbs and spices not used in past recipes. Continue reading

Meyer Lemon Whiskey Cocktail

february 20, 2019

meyer lemon whiskey cocktail

Strolling the market aisles, there it is. That unmistakable perfume of Meyer lemons. A cross between lemons and mandarin oranges, these beauties are both tart and sweet, adding depth to any recipe calling for either lemons or oranges. They have a short season, and that’s a good thing, for prolonged exposure means wearying of their charms and taking them for granted.

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Lemon Ginger Cocktail

december 26, 2017

lemon ginger cocktail


Do you love ginger beer with its nose-tickling heat and sweet? You will love this cocktail. Tis the season for holiday entertaining and this cocktail pairs well with crunchy, creamy, salty, chewy nibbles of all kinds. Your guests will think you’ve been toiling for hours, but just a little prep ahead of  time makes for a last minute assembly of a stunning libation. Continue reading

Spicy Grapefruit Mint Cocktail

january 9, 2015

spicy grapefruit mint cocktailWhen there is a chilly bite in the air, it’s time for winter citrus.  I enjoy lemon in my summertime tea, and lime juice in warm weather salsas and salads, but winter is when the perfume of pink grapefruits, tangerines, Meyer lemons and blood oranges is at peak and best enjoyed.

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