Meyer Lemon Whiskey Cocktail

february 20, 2019

meyer lemon whiskey cocktail

Strolling the market aisles, there it is. That unmistakable perfume of Meyer lemons. A cross between lemons and mandarin oranges, these beauties are both tart and sweet, adding depth to any recipe calling for either lemons or oranges. They have a short season, and that’s a good thing, for prolonged exposure means wearying of their charms and taking them for granted.

For this Meyer lemon whiskey cocktail, I’m relying on the citrus tartness to counter the sweetness of Marsala wine, and hoping the inherent sweetness means only a hint of agave syrup is necessary to make this a good sipper. The smokiness of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey plays second fiddle to the citrus, in my opinion, but I can see using a good mezcal or tequila if that’s what lives in your cabinet.

meyer lemon whiskey cocktail

Readers of this blog will note one cocktail recipe per season, with citrus being the natural seasonal star of winter. Last winter blood orange was queen, and a couple of years ago Meyer Lemon Mezcal Cocktail graced these pages. I do branch out from time to time, but I must admit my favorite cocktail combination is smoky-tart-herbal. Overly sweet cocktails are not my thing, but I do recognize that many folks prefer sweetness in their libations—feel free to up the agave in this drink to make your tastebuds happy.

meyer lemon whiskey cocktail

Great nibbling partners with this cocktail would be Smoky Rosemary Roasted Pecans or Pimento Cheese Stuffed Dates.

The recipe makes enough for one cocktail and can be made in larger volumes; a great make ahead tip is to keep the mix in the  freezer for an easy pour over ice when guests arrive.

Soon you’ll be leaving, dear Meyer lemon, but I can always dream of your return next winter.

Meyer Lemon Whiskey Cocktail

recipe by Michele Humlan, The Good Eats Company

makes one cocktail – may be made in larger volumes


2 ounces whiskey – I like Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey
1 ounce dry Marsala wine
1 ounce fresh Meyer lemon juice
1 teaspoon agave syrup
optional garnish : Meyer lemon zest


  1. In clean jar or small bowl, mix all ingredients together, stirring well to dissolve agave syrup, and either shake with ice and serve straight up, or chill the mix for serving later on the rocks (less melting of ice if cocktail mix is nice and cold).
  2. Garnish if desired with Meyer lemon zest.
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2 thoughts on “Meyer Lemon Whiskey Cocktail

  1. Norm Stangl

    I didn’t have any Jack so I used Jamieson’s Irish Black Barrel. I didn’t have any Agave Syrup, so I used Cointreau to compliment the citrus. In all, it turned out to be very tasty.


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