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bowl of sugar snap potato salad

Sugar Snap Potato Salad

June 8, 2023

bowl of sugar snap potato salad

Picnic season is here. Backyard barbecue season is in full swing. Your task is to prepare a side dish. Preferably this side dish is one everyone can enjoy. That means vegan and gluten free. Here is the perfect easy side salad. In addition, this Sugar Snap Potato Salad makes a tasty base for all manner of grilled proteins. Continue reading

bacon tomato potato salad

Bacon Tomato Potato Salad

july 6, 2021

bacon tomato potato salad

Normal kids ate sandwiches for lunch during summer vacation. This kid scrounged around for ingredients in the family kitchen. Then I moseyed out to the back garden for ripe tomato and  cooked up this Bacon Tomato Potato Salad. Continue reading

Basil Pesto Corn

july 7, 2017

basil pesto corn

We all love to hear those three little words — no, not those words —I’m talking local sweet corn. Local. Sweet. Corn. When it’s in season and available at farmer’s markets and roadside stands, grab those ears and enjoy the best of summer.

Continue reading