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Asparagus and Shiitake Stir Fry

april 11, 2018

asparagus shiitake stir fry


What better way to welcome spring and say so long to winter than with a recipe featuring elements of both seasons? Hey, there, asparagus, nice to see you again! Butternut squash, it was a good run, and now it’s time to make way for greener crunchies. With my quest to add more veggies to my daily meal plan (see previous post for Socca Pizza), I am finding that if vegetables are roasted ahead, or stir-fried ahead, I”m much more likely to heat and serve alongside my main dish. Continue reading

Asparagus with Smoky Yogurt

april 14, 2017

asparagus with smoky yogurt


When asparagus season rolls around, I simply cannot get enough. Plain is fine by me, either roasted or steamed. Sauces for dipping or drizzling, or vinaigrettes for tossing, are also welcome at the table.

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Spring Vegetable Spoon Bread Tart

may 20, 2016

spring vegetable spoon bread tart

You can craft a savory tart with any number of crusts. Bubbly yeasted pizza dough, flaky pastry crust and crispy semolina flatbread to name a few; or you can make a crustless tart and make lots of folks happy. One of the current trends is to go paleo with crusts made from cauliflower, with or without cheese.

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Asparagus and Tomato Pesto Pasta

april 22, 2016

asparagus and tomato pesto pasta

Know why pasta dinners are so popular? Boil water, add pasta, open jar of sauce and that’s that. Wouldn’t it be great if you had easy-to-defrost homemade sauce in the freezer, like kale apricot pesto or herbed roasted tomatoes? Now add sun-dried tomato pesto to that list.

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Asparagus with Carrot Honey Vinaigrette

may 1, 2015

asparagus with carrot honey vinaigrette

Two very important words : local, and asparagus. Placed together,  an item that is at the top of your farmer’s market shopping list. You must enjoy local asparagus during its short run at the markets, because the taste, and the color, and the texture is superior to any asparagus purchased at your grocer’s. Unless, of course, your neighborhood grocer carries local.

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lemon dressed spring salad

Lemon Dressed Spring Salad

may 30, 2014

lemon dressed spring salad

We’ve come a long way from  salad defined by iceberg lettuce, waxy rounds of cucumber, flabby wedges of pale unripe tomato and bottled thousand island dressing languishing in a faux-wood bowl.  These days  salad offerings are some of the most intriguing items on restaurant menus, chock full of seasonal vegetables and fruits, local greens and house made vinaigrettes crafted to enhance, not overpower.

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breakfast bistro salad

june 7, 2013

breakfast bistro salad


In the clear light of an early summer morning, just-picked local produce is pristine in appearance and calls forth the cook’s desire to improvise.  What can be created from the bounty of tables and baskets overflowing with homegrown goodness?

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lemon garlic shrimp with asparagus and baby peas

may 10, 2013

lemon garlic shrimp with baby peas


Living less than two hours from the Atlantic coast, I take for granted the access to fresh seafood.  Folks in America’s middle surely find seafood in their markets and on their plates, but coastal citizens have the privilege of enjoying seafood hours to a few days from harvest.

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cannellini bean salad with asparagus and black olives

april 26, 2013

cannellini bean salad with asparagus and black olives


It’s the age old question I grapple with : What will I take to work for lunch this week?  I stand sulking at the fridge, peering at the jumbled contents.  I try to make sense out of the possible ingredient combinations and come up with…zip.  Nada.

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asparagus with orange mustard vinaigrette

april 5, 2013

asparagus with orange honey vinaigrette


Being a fan of all things winter, I must be dragged kicking and hollering into the freshness of spring.  I got my wish for one last snow in Richmond March 24.  Like most southern snowfalls, it arrived magically and left town abruptly, leaving traces here and there and front yard snowmen with collapsed torsos and lumpen, tiny heads.

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